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Henri Kohn
In the Zone
Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Cologne Henri Kohn was
educated in his early years by his fathers extensive collection of
jazz and quality black music. After been revolutionized by rap music
and taking part in breakdancing competitions in his youth Henri
was kissed by the beauty of house, taping music from the radio.

By the age of 15, he sneaked himself into the Cologne nightlife
dancing the night away in dark and sweaty clubs and by the age
of 17, he landed his first residencies at various clubs in Cologne,
playing Chicago and Detroit influenced sound.

Since then Henri has become a pillar of the house scene in Germany,
with residencies at most of the top clubs in the area and other German
cities and has taken the step quickly up to the international DJ circuit and
played all over Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Denmark, in the U.S. and the U.K, including gigs
at clubs like Ministry of Sound (London), Space, Pacha, El Divino (Ibiza).

To him House Music is a Healer that brings people from all cultural
backgrounds together on the same dancefloor to have a good time.
Henri Kohn is known to bring people in the Zone with his skills of
reading the crowd and picking the right record at the right time.

Henri Kohn is also the A&R of Clubstar & Conya Records and known for
his tasty cd (& - digital) compilations like “House Music is Love”,
“In Love with Ibiza Vol.1”, “Fashion House”, “Clubstar Session”, “Candle Lounge”,
“A Drawer Full Of Deep House” and his newest shot “MTV Ibiza 2012”.

Radio show - Clubstar Session - In the Zone with Henri Kohn:

every sunday 15.00-16.00 CET on the world famous radio station
from the magic island Ibiza.

Selected Discography:

Kohn-Acted - The Answer (Clubstar & Conya Records)
Brazilian Soul Crew – Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Remix) (Conya)
Markus Doerr – Sunshine (Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn Full Vocal Mix) (Clubstar)
DJ Mphulo vs Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P – Happiness (Shelter, South Africa)
Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P – Feel Free (Conya)
Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P – The Light (Larse Dub) (Conya)

Coming next:
Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P – Rhythm (Conya)
Kohn-Acted – 2Paradise (Clubstar)

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you can book us as DJ & Vocal Liveact:

Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn are In the Zone

Currently Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn are touring the globe under
their “In the Zone Music” brand and have rocked the crowd in
clubs in Moscow, the famous Rebus club (Italy) and on big events like the
Copenhagen Beach Party. While Henri Kohn plays the records Miss Ann-P
fires her mighty vocals on top of the tracks. Beside their own productions
Miss Ann-P usually performs a wide range of house classics as well.
Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn are also a songwriting team.
Recently they have written the single “The Answer” for their Kohn-Acted project
which will surely be one of this years summer anthems.

Furthermore they have released projects with producers from
South Africa, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Italy on labels like
Clubstar, Conya and Shelter (S.A.). The follow up single of Kohn-acted
(together with Vincent Kwok from San Francisco) will be out later this summer.