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Toni Granello

It was always the thing "passion" that Toni connected to music in general. Playing music in the beginning being a child, was replaced by enthusiasm for the record player as instrument later on. Toni became a perfectionist and it was with 17 years, when he started his first performances in famous clubs all over the place. With that – he has smoothed his way: Today, 28 year old Toni from Berne is one of the international known and rewarded "Star-DJ" and producer. His Productions "Lift him Up" feat. Linda Lee Hopkins has brought his first international Renommee. This is also shown by the fact that various compilations presented that song in the past. Among others are these titles such as HED KANDI, Stereo Sushi 13 (Ministry of Sound), and DJ Zone First Class Volume 7. “Wings of Love” produced under the well – established label MAP Dance record and Discopolis Recordings UK, is his newest creation and can and easily be mentioned as “masterpiece” of Toni. The song has not just everything to become one of the summer hits 2009. Electrifying beats in combination with melodious acoustics will lengthen the summer of metropolises dance floors around the globe. This is also supported by the cover: chill and dance along - A Star came to the planet The DJ In the past, Toni has been performing on the record player with various illustriousnesses and has therefore become manifest his status as "Star-DJ". Thus it was Faithless (Maxi Jazz), Tom Novy, ATFC, Grant Nelson, Joey Musaphia, Jamie Lewis, Mr. Mike, Seamus Haji, Robbie Rivery, Richard Earnshaw, Yves Larock, Jay Sebag, Tara McDonald, Phil Fuldner, just to mention some of them, that have been featured. Besides that he loves to perform for pulsating events like "Joya rennt" (Swiss television game show) – the party, HED KANDI, ED HARDY, "WE LOVE HOUSE", "Supermodel at Work".