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Stereo Mutants

The stereo mutants UK born and bred, The Stereo Mutants are Si Gordon & Piers Kirwan, 2 dj / producers who since the late 80’s have slowly moved up and worked their way into the global house music network. The ‘Mutants’ have known and worked with each other as dj’s for a good 12 years, both the dj’s careers began doing house parties in and around the South West of England during the late 80’s early 90’s. Piers at the time was playing massive warehouse parties whilst Simon would be spinning at smaller clubs and parties, the pair knew of each other but never really hooked up until late 92 when Simon asked Piers to reside alongside him at the now infamous Natural Rhythm nights. These nights were run by Si and during his 9 year reign the 2 dj’s played alongside such luminaries as Claudio Coccoluto, Alex Neri, Danny Rampling, Smokin Jo, Angel Moraes, Xpress 2, Ricky Montanari, Allister Whitehead, Cj Mackintosh and many more.. Off the back of this success came a string of dates and gigs nationally and internationally, so from 92 to present day the guy’s have built their names slowly and continue to dj as far away as the US, Russia, Turkey, Serbia and all over Europe. Back in the UK the guy’s were keen to get into the studio and began to tinker with their production skills around 96’. At this time Si & Piers were not producing together, Si was in and out of studios making deeper tech house material for indie UK labels like Deepend, Jaywalk and more. Piers on the other hand was producing his other musical love of drum & bass, occasionally knocking up the odd house track along the way which he has success with also, signing singles off to Smokin Beats UK under his PK guise. Then in late 2001 Simon finally got sick of paying big studio bills for tv/media work he was doing and decided to invest in his own Digiplay recording studios, now the pair would plan the Mutants! Around the same time Simon also launched his record label Play Recordings, a deeper tribal imprint that is now on it’s 18th release with support from the likes of Danny T, Lottie, Vitamin D, Deep Dish, Xpress 2, Dj Disciple, Ralphi Rosario and more.. The label and the studio productions have created a great buzz and won tons of fans worldwide. In March of 2004 the 2 great friends decided to get to work in the studio together, and the result is a Unique sound, fusing percussive tribal rhythms, Latin Melodies, live bass, vocals and acoustic guitar to create an energetic dancefloor sound. The result of this match made in heaven has gained signings to Joeski’s Maya (NYC) imprint, Defected Records UK, BubbleSoul Records (Spain), Jamayka Blue Records (Chicago), Cassagrande Records (spain), Delecto Records (Canada) and Conya / Clubstar records (Germany) with promising feedback from other corners of the house music elite…. At present the ‘mutants’ are remixing like crazy for artists like Richard Earnshaw, Sam Sparro, Keith Thompson, Dj Circle, 2 Brothers of Soul and more whilst also preparing new collaborations with Richard Earnshaw, Afterlife & Central Avenue to name a few, plus other original material featuring singer / songwriters Antonia Lucus, Simon Green, Neve & Jannae Jordan. In 2006 the guy’s launched their Mutated Music Imprint showcasing some of their favorite artists and remixers, now on the 10th release the label is flying high just like the Stereo Mutants!! As Dj’s they partner up back to back and create a dancefloor fusion of deep soulful tinged percussive mayhem, it’s house music, it’s a groove... End.