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Miss Ann-P

Miss Ann-P more than just a pretty face… is the message and certainly expresses best that there is huge talent besides her stunning beauty. A voice filled with soul, emotion and power. A voice so strong it’s twisting people’s heads and putting numbers on the charts. On top of that Miss Ann-P is a busy and successful Songwriter & Arranger who says about her love to music: “Music is my drug. On stage I feel very at home cause´ nothing else makes me feel this passion and gives me this kind of satisfaction!” Miss Ann-P was born in Poland and raised in Germany. She fell in love with music at an early age, not only due to the fact that her father was a famous singer in Eastern Europe in the 70s. After moving to Germany she joined the church choir in her hometown Bochum. In 1993, at the age of 15, she started taking lessons at Starlight Express in Bochum where she experienced the real vibes of the professional stage for the first time & from then on there was no way back. After moving out of the theatre and rapidly into mainstream music she performed as lead and backing vocalist with various bands & projects and was also a popular dancer for events throughout Europe & tv shows like e.g. ”Top Of The Pops”. Keeping her voice in shape by taking lessons from the vocal coach Robert Bicknell from London (Natalie Imbruglia, No Angels…) she has also developed a powerful & confident stage persona & charisma. Combined with her naturalness, admired by both - men & women – her place in the music industry is assured. Since 2000 she is writing her own songs and is working with international djs/producers, mainly from the house/dance scene, from countries like South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Denmark and Russia. In most of these countries she has also enlightened the club crowds with her live skills. In 2011 Miss Ann-P´s single “I Wanna” (with United Sounds of Italy) came out on Vidisco (PT) and was licensed to labels like Kontor & Spinnin Records. Miss Ann-P is also popular as commercial pop, r&b and softjazz singer for industrial events & galas. Miss Ann-P is power - Miss Ann-P is music - Miss Ann-P is certainly more than just a pretty face !