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Kind Dk

King DK, a name that probably sounds a little bit northern, like Hamlet, but unlike Shakespeare said: There is nothing rotten in the state of DK! On the contrary: Everything is more than good in the state of King DK! He only uses the finest ingredients for all his productions, basses, guitars, vocals, drums, percussions, horns and many other instruments, and all of these instruments are played and recorded live. King DK is not only a producer of fine art on vinyl, but also known for the last 10 years as a professional DJ. For over two years he has been resident DJ at the Deelight, Frankfurt and has shown his royal art of Deejaying at several other places with a reputation like Cooky’s, U60311, Galerie Beach Club, Lauschgift and many more. His first release ‘Cant read your mind’ came out in November 05 on Black Vinyl Records / London and was supported by renowned DJs like Miguel Migs, Dj Spen, Ralf Gum, Henri Kohn, Larry Heard, Charles Dockins … just to name a few. That track was also featured on several compilations (HedKandi Beachhouse, Islands Vol.3, Divine House, Summer Cem etc.) Three Years later it got the remix treatment by no one less than 'New Yorks finest' Scott Wozniak. Followed up by another single with Robina - 'Noche de vida' on Black Vinyl, Release Yourself with Keith Thompson on Blacksoul Music, Sho Sho Sho with Wunmi on Panevino Records and Darkmind on Conya Records. Remixes for Labels like GOGO Music, Blacksoul Music, Open Bar, Conya, Waking Monster, Panevino, Bass, Breaks & Beats etc.