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Dj Antoine

With over 1’000’000 CDs sold, 32 CDs released and 24 Golden Awards as well as his famous labels Houseworks and Egoïste, DJ Antoine is the international leading male DJ in Switzerland. The house scene today would be unimaginable without him. Antoine's DJ-sets are known for a mixture of different styles in house-music. His incomparable way of deejaying brings him to the leading clubs worldwide like: Fabrique Club/Moscow, Bed Supperclub/Bangkok, P1/Munich, Cosmo Club/Oslo, Crobar/Chicago, Millenium Club/Montreal, Chi Club/Dubai, Planet Pop Festival/Saõ Paulo, Volksgarten/Vienna, Mad/Lausanne, Oxa/Zurich, just to mention a few names of them. Since 2003 Dj Antoine has his own weekly radio show which is brought by notable radio stations like: Fusion Radio/Chicago, PRL24/London, Radio 5FM/South Africa, Radio Record/Russia and many more ... Dj Antoine's single publications are not only released by his own labels Houseworks, Egoiste and Session Recordings, but also by famous labels like Ultra/USA, Ego Music/Italy, AATW/Universal/UK and Kontor Records/Germany. Tracks like: This Time, All We Need, Arabian Adventure, Stop & Underneath became worldwide known club anthems! Dj Antoine is also a gifted remixer, his remixes, in cooperation with Mad Mark for: Roger Sanchez, Chocolate Puma, Mischa Daniels and lots of others, made him one of the most respected remixers in the international house-scene. Many famous artists, such as Mary J. Blige, Cyndi Lauper, Roberto Blanco, P. Diddy, Robin S, David Hasselhoff and Ivana Trump collaborates with the duo and have their songs exclusively remixed by the two. As a brilliant music producer, phenomenal DJ and successfully man of business, he is a trendsetter and an attention-getter as well. Top Sponsors like Campari, SKYY Vodka, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Moonlight, Edo Popken, Podspeakers, Dom Pérignon, Patoro etc. counts as well as Dodge/Chrysler, Cadillac, Hummer/Emil Frey, Chupa Chups, Paco Rabanne etc. counted on DJ Antoine’s charisma.